We are a network of professional educators, business owners, parents, community members, and advocates united through our passion for changing the world through education.

We believe that together through collaboration we can raise the standard of best practices in the education field.

Globally, we share ideas, resources, inspiration, and problem-solve.

Locally, we meet for encouragement and inspiration, provide free professional development, and promote innovation among our coworkers.

Everything we do is on a volunteer-basis meant to support the community.

How Can You Help?

Join one of our social media groups to join in on the collaboration.
Invite your colleagues to collaborate with you and the group.
Become a part-time and online semester volunteer.
Translate materials into your native language.
Spread the word by sharing resources by Innovative Educators.

In Your City
Become a City Leader for hosting Innovative Educator Events.
In expat contexts, invite a local to become a Language-based City Leader.
Connect with your City Leader to provide a speaker, workshop, or volunteer.
Host an Innovative Educator Event at your venue.
Loan equipment to your local group of volunteers.

Our Origin

In January 2017, Vanessa Jencks realized she was connected with a large portion of Beijing’s International and Private School educators through her work as managing editor of beijingkids Magazine. Before working in the media industry, she was a professional educator and had a passion for innovative and collaborative work among her peers.

She decided on a whim to pull the educators in her network together into one social media group in order to foster and promote community collaboration. Together the group had an in-person community meeting and later a job fair. A jobs group grew from the main group, and Emerson April volunteered to manage this aspect of Innovative Educators.

Pulling off such a community group in a competitive education market seemed to be a risky initiative, but within a year, the group grew to over 500 members. At the heart of all education is the student, and Innovative Educators has proved that teachers genuinely want to see their students thrive.

In 2018, Innovative Educators was ready to go to the next level of growth, and 20 members stepped up for the first call for a semester-long volunteer opportunity. These volunteers plan to help take Innovative Educators beyond Beijing, throughout the rest of China, and into other education markets where innovation and collaboration will be welcome.


What China’s Education System Can Learn From Finland’s Education Reform

“Finland is becoming more and more known for being a happy place. This is a direct result of the education.” – Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio at MindTrek in Tampere, Finland in October, 2018. Mr. Vesterbacka was referring to the World Happiness Report that anointed Finland as the happiest country in the world. During his …

Powerful Project-Based Learning Professional Development

Teachers are inherently lifelong learners. They thirst for new ideas and practices to add to their teaching repertoire. However, teachers often feel overwhelmed when trying to innovate their teaching craft. Through well-designed Professional Development (PD) programs, schools can empower their teachers to be more innovative. Teaching Efficacy in Professional Development Self efficacy is an attribute …

Teaching Critical Thinking in China: Cross-cultural Teaching Strategies

The Chinese education system has been known for its utilitarian approach. Education exists for the purpose of nation-building, rather than helping students fulfill their potential and ignite their curiosity. From the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, education has had clear objectives to fill in relation to the national development …


To join our collaboration group on WeChat, please make a request in our Facebook Group or send an email to one of our current Social Media Volunteers.

To offer a resource, venue, speaker, workshop, or other materials, please reach out to one of our Resource Manger Volunteers or Founder Vanessa Jencks.

To volunteer, please send a request to Founder Vanessa Jencks.

All other general inquires or feedback are encouraged to be asked and shared in the WeChat or Facebook collaboration groups as these are monitored by all volunteers.