Collaboration Competition Event

We’re excited to introduce a new opportunity for collaboration to Global Innovative Educators. The goal of the event is to allow educators with a multitude of backgrounds and current scenarios to work together to solve real-world problems in the classroom and school community.

We’ll host this event:
on Saturday April 21st
from 10am-noon
at Art+798.

A pin location will be given to those who sign up in a WeChat group.

Step 1: Tell Us Your Problems

Before the event, educators and administration, whether attending the event or not, can send in anonymous cases of issues they experience in their classroom and school community. Even if you’ve already solved your own personal issue, if the problem might have been difficult for others too, it could be useful for you to share. The volunteers at Global Innovative Educators will then pick an issue that is highlighted by the majority of educators or is the most detailed in scenario.

(If there is any sensitive information, we’ll change it if we use it as a case study. Also, we suggest using an email address that doesn’t clearly include your full name or school for anonymity.)

[Sign-ups are now closed.]

Step 2: Sign up.

There are only 30 spots and if you bail at the last minute, we might financially penalize you. (Just kidding… kind of.)

[Sign-ups are now closed]

Step 3: Show up. Team up.

On the day of the event, the educators attending will be split up into teams to review the curated anonymous issue or scenario. The educator teams will then collaborate together to present potential solutions to the scenario. Teams can use their laptops and phones, along with any other tools they happen to have access to, to research and develop their solutions. Once each team decides on their solution within the time limit, they will turn in their solution to the event coordinator.

Step 4: Show off.

Each team will then have a chance to present their solution to the rest of the attending teams. After every team has had a chance to present, all attendance will vote on which solution was the best. Another vote will be taken for which team did the best in delivering their solution as a collaborative team in a format that was easily digested.

Step 5: Gloat.

We’re not making promises, but there could be a bit of surprise gift for the winning teams.

At the very least, they’ll get bragging rights.

If you’d like to join our WeChat groups of over 600 educators across China and the world, scan the QR code below to be added. 

Vanessa Jencks founded Global Innovative Educators to connect passionate educators and community members. She is the former managing editor of beijingkids magazine; see her previous work here. She is also the founder of ChinaFamilyBlog

WeChat: vanessajencks

Picture: Greg Dunlap

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